December 8, 2007

Los Angeles Paintless Dent Removal - How We Fix Dents

Nobody likes dents and they're costly to fix when you take them to an auto body shop. However there is another way to fix dents, dings and creases from your car. It is called Paintless Dent Removal or shortly Dent Repair.

Often people thing (due to commercials) that Paintless Dent Removal Technician just come to their house and use some kind of suction cup, plunge or glue puller. For certain type of dents (shallow dents in middle of a panel, without crease or stretched metal) you could use some of those tools (glue puller is best from those three), but for best result and true Paintless Dent Repair technician use special designed metal tools.
Roods, wire tools, shaved tools and other types of tools many different shapes and thickness.

ere are our three most popular companies. We like Dentcraft tools for their whale tails and high carbon steel which produce great strength
The other well known company is Ultra Dent, their soft tip tools are pleasure to work with, most of a PDR technicians know them very well. In addition to their soft tip innovation they created adjustable handle which is outstanding help for quarter panels and any tight area where handle is in the way or we need to gain better leverage by adjusting handle.
Third company we like is Dent Gear Their tools are inexpensive and they have a wide selection for tools and accessories for fair prices. From rods to strong bended Gorrilla bar ( one of my favorite is GB-1 for only $55, to wire tools, soft tip tools, flat bars or mini lifter and glue pullers they offer great value for great price.

We could talk about Dent tools more and more, every PDR technician prefer some tools I find those mention above extraordinary for their quality. What kind of tools, from which company or new features and gadgets for PDR industry is not as important as how well you can work with those tools. Thus I suggest instead of trying using suction cup, plunger or dent - ding puller kit to find good technician with experience and let him perform Paintless Dent Removal craft in front of your eyes. You will be probably amazed how this 1/2 art and 1/2 science can remove ugly imperfection from your vehicle.

Here we would like to demonstrate how
“paintless dent removal” is performed and viewed
from a technician’s point of view.

In this particular dent, we will start to release pressure around the surrounding area by tapping down the high areas.

As you can see from this example, correctly releasing pressure brings down the dent in size.

Even though pressure is releasing, our technician keeps repeating steps from the prior examples with special designed tools.

The dent is dramatically reduced in size and again

ready to be gently massaged down to size

Although, our dent is almost gone, we’ll keep working the dent
till it blends in with the matching texture of your existing paint.

You have now just seen the process of PDR. The fastest, most efficient and cost-effective method of removing door dings, creases and minor dents from your vehicle. Choosing Paintless Dent Removal (SOS DENT) is great auto-body alternative!

December 4, 2007

Paintless Dent Removal and Door Ding Repair for Exotic Cars

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and Door Ding Repair, is a cost-efficient technique for removing dings, creases and minor dents without using paint or fillers. This handcrafted repair method uses a unique skill to transform your dent or ding into a work of art!

Especially for High- end cars or exotic cars is important to know what is best way for fixing damage.

The PDR is best solution longest paint is not damage and metal is not overstretched. In case paint on vehicle is damaged or metal is overstretched paintless dent removal can make it just better.

That is a point when customer have to decide what they want, believe or not even people with exotic cars are many times considered about cost instead of quality. We personally suggest quality over cost, that mean that even thought paintless dent removal would benefit out PDR business we suggest customer body work. Professionalism, Honesty and best service for customer are values we prefer over the fast profit. If our client still insist, we go ahead and do our best to fix their car.

Most of the time paint and metal are not damaged, then we can do miracles. It is amazing how Dent and Door Ding Repair works when done properly by skilled technician. Most of the time people are amazed when they see PDR for their first time.

For more life demonstrations click on

The bottom line is that today is demand for FAST, INEXPENSIVE but RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE with OUTSTANDING QUALITY and Paintless Dent Removal offers just that.