May 10, 2010

Paintless Dent Removal on Audi Q5 - Los Angeles moving accident

Paintless Dent Removal on Audi Q5 - Los Angeles moving accident 

New client came to our shop with emergency request to fix his dent. Many times we have similar situations when people want to fix car super fast. LOL we ussaly know that somethings going on.
Most of the time is the wife's (no offense ladies) who want to fix car before husband finds out. This case was little different but similar in time issue and urgency.

Dent wasn't easy neither was difficult.  Metal was stretched around lower section (that is where was door brace). This dent was complex damage (one dent has more dents in it).   I start work on it from top, pushed dent and then straighten sharp body line which audi Q5 has.
Then I removed smaller dents until I felt resistance. Next move was to push high spot line from brace back and then go work on smaller dents again.
I hope you will like the little video. I was quite happy especially because Arturo was so so happy. This was mainly because we are always honest with clients and when we see dents which will not be completely removed we told them (sometimes we received damage for Body Work but want faster and cheaper solution, then we can offer Paintless Dent Removal long as they are aware of little imperfections). In this case I told him it will be about 80% close to original. Usually client don't know what to expect even when we explain them and they are little bit skeptic.
Well in the end he was very, very happy and that is one of your goals. Help you to solve problem with your car and when you leaving from our shop to be happier.

See for your self.
David and SOS DENT team

May 3, 2010

Paintless Dent Removal and Door Ding Repair for Exotic Cars

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and Door Ding Repair, is a cost-efficient technique for removing dings, creases and minor dents without using paint or fillers. This handcrafted repair method uses a unique skill to transform your dent or ding into a work of art!

Especially for High- end cars or exotic cars is important to know what is best way for fixing damage.

The PDR is best solution longest paint is not damage and metal is not overstretched. In case paint on vehicle is damaged or metal is overstretched paintless dent removal can make it just better.

That is a point when customer have to decide what they want, believe or not even people with exotic cars are many times considered about cost instead of quality. We personally suggest quality over cost, that mean that even thought paintless dent removal would benefit out PDR business we suggest customer body work. Professionalism, Honesty and best service for customer are values we prefer over the fast profit. If our client still insist, we go ahead and do our best to fix their car.

Most of the time paint and metal are not damaged, then we can do miracles. It is amazing how Dent and Door Ding Repair works when done properly by skilled technician. Most of the time people are amazed when they see PDR for their first time.


For more life demonstrations click here

The bottom line is that today is demand for FAST, INEXPENSIVE but RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE with OUTSTANDING QUALITY and Paintless Dent Removal offers just that.

May 2, 2010

Toyota Prius - car rental repair

Couple times a month we have clients with damage on car rental cars.
That is really stressful for most of them because
1- they need to fix it fast
2- they don't want to spend money on car which is not their
3- they don't want to get overcharge from car rental.

If u had accident on rental car you can always add insurance, which is coast is usually extra $18-35 which in most cases double the price for car rental so most people don't do it.
Same like this client of ours. And even when you have insurance on your car rental. It is hassle.

Paintless dent removal is excellent solution for dents, door dings and creases. It saves lot of time compare to body work and money.

SOS DENT in Santa Monica offers just that in addition if we can we offer paintless dent removal as a mobile service in W LOS ANGELES and SM.

This particular repair save our client paying about 5 extra days for rental car. Because if he take it to only to body shop. This repair will take about 5-6 days and cost could be anything from $775 - up.

See how this repair came up.

I hope that none will have to go through a hassle with their car rental. But if s..t happens you can at least know there is a solution.

All the best
SOS DENT team.

April 20, 2010

Glue Pulling training DVD

this is sneak peak preview for Glue Pulling training DVD. This DVD is creative work from our friend Myke Toledo at Dent Time. SOS DENT technician David and Vince from Dents No More helped Myke with this unique DVD training video.

You can see it more here
This unique video named "Glue Pulling Practicals" demonstrate different techniques with a variety of dents and creases. There will be product and tool information and the essentials for performing an efficient pdr glue pull.

We hope you like it and soon will be ready to purchase on Auto Lecture

April 7, 2010

2009 Porsche 911, 997 turbo - quarter panel access

Hi guys,

I had a chance to work yesterday on 09 997 turbo. It was just small ding and I thought this will be easy as always. We service Beverly Hills Porsche dealership so we work on turbos all the time. But this was first time I did quarter panel. Some panels are aluminum (hood, doors) but this was metal.  

Ding with reflection

So I lift the car up and knowing that Porsche already has factory opening in quarter panel I thought I just go through there. Well I find out that instead of inner metal structure there is something else.

Inside of quorter panel there are 2 plastic peaces with screws. I thought this will be easy I just remove these and i will have big opening. So that is what I did.

On this picture you can see how big opening is. What you can not see that even if you take this off completely you can not access skin on the quarter panel because there is vent house. LOL I was thinking.  " I am not gonna be out here as fast as  I thought ;-)" And also "Great I learn something new today"

So I took a vent out. On Boxster you know if you take vent out you can easily pull robber out and you have wide access. Well turbo is not a Boxster. And performance, price and design of that car is the proof.  When vent was out I saw that house is really tight and it was hard to try to slide tool between skin and housing.

Trick is to loose those two screws which give you about 1/4 inch room and  I could slide there tool easily

I did use the smallest tool from this picture. All those tools are from and I try them all for this access point. I didn't need to use bigger then the smallest one. But I did wanted to know if dent is further from vent if I will be able to access it. And yes, I could slide there green tool as well

This is the after picture. Ding was easy to remove.

What you want to pay attention when you removing vent is how to start. There is no screw like on Boxster.  the Porsche 911 model 997 turbo has only clips. Easiest way was to use window wedge and dissaseble from front. If I do it from back I will brake clips because those were reverse clips. First you pop out from front and then slide it back. So those back clips don't brake.

You also loose the bottom. I point it out where are clips which pop out. The back side has reverse clips.

On this picture you can see front straight clips

On this picture you can see (not so well ;-) those reverse clips. You have to slide it back. All this is common sense. Nothing difficult but I thought it will be nice to share.

Have a good day everybody and I hope all your dents will be nice and smooth at the end.
cheers David

March 31, 2010

Motorcycle dent - Triumph

One of the easier repair on gas tanks. This dent was small about 2 inches. Not stretch just great scenario. However I had trouble to access it so i took one of the older tools and bend it as need it.

So what I try to say is that is useful to have in your arsenal one bendable tool for unexpected situations :-).

- Thank you all for reading our blog. We hope you can benefit from some of these information.

March 26, 2010

Ferrari California - hood access

One of our clients is Ferrari dealership in BH.

We working with them for few years now and our relationship is based on professionalism and trust.
They call us today to fix car for their client. We don't work much with dealership except those who really value quality work. And these guys are one of them. Imagine this. Amir (owner) of this beautiful Ferrari wanted to pay and they totally take care of it. I know you may say for car expansive as this one around $190 000. They can pay for little ding repair. But if you are in automotive industry you know how dealerships are. Their mentality is to make buck on everything and their manners goes away. Well these guys are totally about customer service and building good relationship. This is blue Ferrari Ca sold to Amir.

So I work on little ding. To be honest I didn't thing about bloging this until ding was almost gone so I don't have before picture.  The ding was nothing impressive, but I  thought you may like to see access point for this fender. Upper part is easy accessible from hood.  

this is how I got there.

and tools I were using. Most of it I did with smaller tool. That tool is amazing. This tool was designed by Myke Toledo. I using it mainly for edges on fenders and on areas when I have dents so close to the edges. It has interchangeable handle and it is really awesome tool to have in your arsenal. I think you can get it from here

Thank you all for reading our blog. We hope you can benefit from some of these information.

GMC Yukon - hood repair

This was yesterday warm up dent. Our client cam with fist size dent and light scratches on his SUV.  When I check accessibility I felt that I can not get everywhere I want to and I need to use for upper and bottom section of this dent skinnier and sharper tool then I would wanted to. However with help from glue pulling dent came pretty smooth.

Glue pulling was breeze. Right pull applied-in correct sequence helped remove 80% of this dent in few minutes.
Then just little crown work which helps release tension from metal. Thanks to that I didn't have to force metal back to original position. When crowns are minimazed and removed, pushing dent is fun. Because each push has visible results. However when we forgat remove crowns, dent not gonna go away

and here is the final results.

March 16, 2010

Honda CRV Dent repair

So new client came to our shop for paintless dent repair on his Honda. We look at it and welcome this challenge.

We knew this will be harder dent. We used glue pulling first to release most of the dent. Then use traditional tools for paintless dent removal.
Check out this result. We hope you like it

Thank you all for reading our blog :)

February 23, 2010

Advantages of "in Shop" bumper repair

Advantages of "in Shop" bumper repair

We use proven procedures when we fix bumpers in our shop. But that doesn’t mean that you will have to leave your car. We will remove a damaged part and you can just leave your bumper behind.

Today many bumpers have moldings, back up sensors and other plastic components. For quality results, bumpers and their components need to be removed from vehicles, disassembled and painted separately. That allows painter to paint areas which would otherwise be hard or impossible to reach. Bumpers and other parts are base (primer) coated, painted with the matching color, then clear coated for deep, glossy and wet-looking finish.

Repainted bumpers and parts are then cured under UV light. That dries and hardens the paint completely. Most companies use excessive chemical “hardeners” for quick paint drying time. Excessive use of hardeners will make paint dry fast, but the quality of the paint and the end result will be affected.

We use a balanced approach. The quality of our paint jobs is outstanding. And, after our paint is cured, we color sand and polish all parts. Only then is your bumper assembled and restored back to its original condition.

And now more on the best part: Even though we do these repairs in our shop in Santa Monica, we can disassemble the bumper from your car in about twenty minutes, get a paint code to match your color, then let you drive off. (We recommend you avoid freeway driving without a bumper.) When your bumper is fixed, you can return and we will install the repaired bumper on your car.

To sum up the advantages of our services:
* The bumper is repainted separately from the vehicle
* All plastic components are disassembled and repainted, polished separately, allowing our technician to touch every area he need.
* Paint is cured, color sanded and polished for a great glossy look that will last a lifetime.
* You can leave the bumper and drive away.