March 26, 2010

GMC Yukon - hood repair

This was yesterday warm up dent. Our client cam with fist size dent and light scratches on his SUV.  When I check accessibility I felt that I can not get everywhere I want to and I need to use for upper and bottom section of this dent skinnier and sharper tool then I would wanted to. However with help from glue pulling dent came pretty smooth.

Glue pulling was breeze. Right pull applied-in correct sequence helped remove 80% of this dent in few minutes.
Then just little crown work which helps release tension from metal. Thanks to that I didn't have to force metal back to original position. When crowns are minimazed and removed, pushing dent is fun. Because each push has visible results. However when we forgat remove crowns, dent not gonna go away

and here is the final results.

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