March 31, 2010

Motorcycle dent - Triumph

One of the easier repair on gas tanks. This dent was small about 2 inches. Not stretch just great scenario. However I had trouble to access it so i took one of the older tools and bend it as need it.

So what I try to say is that is useful to have in your arsenal one bendable tool for unexpected situations :-).

- Thank you all for reading our blog. We hope you can benefit from some of these information.

March 26, 2010

Ferrari California - hood access

One of our clients is Ferrari dealership in BH.

We working with them for few years now and our relationship is based on professionalism and trust.
They call us today to fix car for their client. We don't work much with dealership except those who really value quality work. And these guys are one of them. Imagine this. Amir (owner) of this beautiful Ferrari wanted to pay and they totally take care of it. I know you may say for car expansive as this one around $190 000. They can pay for little ding repair. But if you are in automotive industry you know how dealerships are. Their mentality is to make buck on everything and their manners goes away. Well these guys are totally about customer service and building good relationship. This is blue Ferrari Ca sold to Amir.

So I work on little ding. To be honest I didn't thing about bloging this until ding was almost gone so I don't have before picture.  The ding was nothing impressive, but I  thought you may like to see access point for this fender. Upper part is easy accessible from hood.  

this is how I got there.

and tools I were using. Most of it I did with smaller tool. That tool is amazing. This tool was designed by Myke Toledo. I using it mainly for edges on fenders and on areas when I have dents so close to the edges. It has interchangeable handle and it is really awesome tool to have in your arsenal. I think you can get it from here

Thank you all for reading our blog. We hope you can benefit from some of these information.

GMC Yukon - hood repair

This was yesterday warm up dent. Our client cam with fist size dent and light scratches on his SUV.  When I check accessibility I felt that I can not get everywhere I want to and I need to use for upper and bottom section of this dent skinnier and sharper tool then I would wanted to. However with help from glue pulling dent came pretty smooth.

Glue pulling was breeze. Right pull applied-in correct sequence helped remove 80% of this dent in few minutes.
Then just little crown work which helps release tension from metal. Thanks to that I didn't have to force metal back to original position. When crowns are minimazed and removed, pushing dent is fun. Because each push has visible results. However when we forgat remove crowns, dent not gonna go away

and here is the final results.

March 16, 2010

Honda CRV Dent repair

So new client came to our shop for paintless dent repair on his Honda. We look at it and welcome this challenge.

We knew this will be harder dent. We used glue pulling first to release most of the dent. Then use traditional tools for paintless dent removal.
Check out this result. We hope you like it

Thank you all for reading our blog :)