May 2, 2010

Toyota Prius - car rental repair

Couple times a month we have clients with damage on car rental cars.
That is really stressful for most of them because
1- they need to fix it fast
2- they don't want to spend money on car which is not their
3- they don't want to get overcharge from car rental.

If u had accident on rental car you can always add insurance, which is coast is usually extra $18-35 which in most cases double the price for car rental so most people don't do it.
Same like this client of ours. And even when you have insurance on your car rental. It is hassle.

Paintless dent removal is excellent solution for dents, door dings and creases. It saves lot of time compare to body work and money.

SOS DENT in Santa Monica offers just that in addition if we can we offer paintless dent removal as a mobile service in W LOS ANGELES and SM.

This particular repair save our client paying about 5 extra days for rental car. Because if he take it to only to body shop. This repair will take about 5-6 days and cost could be anything from $775 - up.

See how this repair came up.

I hope that none will have to go through a hassle with their car rental. But if s..t happens you can at least know there is a solution.

All the best
SOS DENT team.

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