May 10, 2010

Paintless Dent Removal on Audi Q5 - Los Angeles moving accident

Paintless Dent Removal on Audi Q5 - Los Angeles moving accident 

New client came to our shop with emergency request to fix his dent. Many times we have similar situations when people want to fix car super fast. LOL we ussaly know that somethings going on.
Most of the time is the wife's (no offense ladies) who want to fix car before husband finds out. This case was little different but similar in time issue and urgency.

Dent wasn't easy neither was difficult.  Metal was stretched around lower section (that is where was door brace). This dent was complex damage (one dent has more dents in it).   I start work on it from top, pushed dent and then straighten sharp body line which audi Q5 has.
Then I removed smaller dents until I felt resistance. Next move was to push high spot line from brace back and then go work on smaller dents again.
I hope you will like the little video. I was quite happy especially because Arturo was so so happy. This was mainly because we are always honest with clients and when we see dents which will not be completely removed we told them (sometimes we received damage for Body Work but want faster and cheaper solution, then we can offer Paintless Dent Removal long as they are aware of little imperfections). In this case I told him it will be about 80% close to original. Usually client don't know what to expect even when we explain them and they are little bit skeptic.
Well in the end he was very, very happy and that is one of your goals. Help you to solve problem with your car and when you leaving from our shop to be happier.

See for your self.
David and SOS DENT team

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Myke Toledo said...

Great video David. Hard dent too. Great job, your customers are in good hands. Take care.