February 23, 2010

Advantages of "in Shop" bumper repair

Advantages of "in Shop" bumper repair

We use proven procedures when we fix bumpers in our shop. But that doesn’t mean that you will have to leave your car. We will remove a damaged part and you can just leave your bumper behind.

Today many bumpers have moldings, back up sensors and other plastic components. For quality results, bumpers and their components need to be removed from vehicles, disassembled and painted separately. That allows painter to paint areas which would otherwise be hard or impossible to reach. Bumpers and other parts are base (primer) coated, painted with the matching color, then clear coated for deep, glossy and wet-looking finish.

Repainted bumpers and parts are then cured under UV light. That dries and hardens the paint completely. Most companies use excessive chemical “hardeners” for quick paint drying time. Excessive use of hardeners will make paint dry fast, but the quality of the paint and the end result will be affected.

We use a balanced approach. The quality of our paint jobs is outstanding. And, after our paint is cured, we color sand and polish all parts. Only then is your bumper assembled and restored back to its original condition.

And now more on the best part: Even though we do these repairs in our shop in Santa Monica, we can disassemble the bumper from your car in about twenty minutes, get a paint code to match your color, then let you drive off. (We recommend you avoid freeway driving without a bumper.) When your bumper is fixed, you can return and we will install the repaired bumper on your car.

To sum up the advantages of our services:
* The bumper is repainted separately from the vehicle
* All plastic components are disassembled and repainted, polished separately, allowing our technician to touch every area he need.
* Paint is cured, color sanded and polished for a great glossy look that will last a lifetime.
* You can leave the bumper and drive away.

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